My Bitmain L3+ miners has been sitting in the basement collecting dust. A relic of the crypto boom.

The cost of electricity to run these miners and be profitable is 0 in California, unless you have free electricity.

The upkeep of these Litecoin miners leaves very little room for mistakes or outages.

Once, I checked on them, and realize the network on these miners had gone out while I was traveling to Cambodia, and for 5 days, they weren’t mining.

Needless to say, I was operating at a loss for that downtime.

And Bitmain support, it’s ridiculous.

Of the two L3+ miners I purchased from them, one of the PSU had gone bad after 2 weeks.

I contacted support to send me a replacement which was had to be troubleshooted before they decided it was time to be returned.

I wasted another 1.5 weeks working through tech support due to the timezones and I had a day job that I was not able to respond quickly enough to the tickets.

And, to isolate the issue, I bought a new PSU off of Amazon to verify it was that.

I sent back the faulty power supply with all the information.

Weeks gone by before I contacted them.

They said they never received it.

And then they said they got it, but the unit didn’t match the content in the box.


I send them proof again, rechecked all my serial numbers, and they said it was not a match.

After much frustration, I dropped the argument for a $200 PSU.

A year later, they sent me the replacement PSU, appears to be used (not new), but functioning. Seriously?

Unfortunately, this is Bitmain and for the 5K I dropped on the paper weights, it would have been better spent on trading.

Lesson learned.

And why, my miners are off and has been off for the last 6 months.


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